7 Big Bathroom Favourites

When planning a large bathroom the choice and options can feel as daunting as it does exciting. At Sussex Plumbing Supplies, the bathroom design experts take the headache out of […]

When planning a large bathroom the choice and options can feel as daunting as it does exciting.
At Sussex Plumbing Supplies, the bathroom design experts take the headache out of the design stages, letting you enjoy the experience!
If you can’t make it to an SPS showroom fear not as we have compiled trend and design advice here to inspire your big bathroom planning!
We could say they’re the 7 Wonders of the Bathroom World but that might be taking it too far…or would it, you decide!


1. Freestanding Bath

Completely on trend and the epitome of luxury, a free standing bath is the obvious statement piece. Available in the traditional roll top style or sleek contemporary designs, every large bathroom no matter what style is chosen, can accommodate one. A big bathroom presents the opportunity to use space more interestingly – don’t feel your bath has to be positioned against a wall, give it centre stage and make it a true feature.

LEFT: Peacock Blue Freestanding Bath by Utopia
RIGHT: Burlington Freestanding Bath with Luxury Legs (on display in our Polegate Showroom)


2. Double Basins

A lavish double basin oozes style! It’s been a growing trend but now the sought after feature is a must for a large bathroom creating a sense of grandness whilst being totally practical.
There are so many ways to introduce a double basin into your design; choose from two basins on units side by side or positioned separately or an extravagantly wide basin with one or two taps.

Crosswater Svelte 60 Unit & Cast Mineral Marble Basin
Utopia i-Line Modular Furniture in Midnight Grey

There are 3 types of mounting to choose for your basins;

  1. undermount gives a flush, modern look that will complement any bathroom design
  2. semi-recessed, equally as attractive but erring towards the traditional look.
  3. sit-on basins are the style we’ve fallen in love with! Particularly stylish and with their boutique appeal, they’ve proven extremely popular in our Polegate showroom. This is an SPS favourite.

Don’t forget to include multiple mirrors when incorporating a double basin…a godsend for the morning bathroom rush! The obvious location is to position one above each basin, or one very wide mirror that stretches across both. Mirrored cabinets also create convenient ‘his and hers’ space to avoid any arguments!
Alternatively, an over the basin mirror accompanied by a full length mirror might be your preferred option.

Crosswater Celeste Illuminated Mirror
Crosswater Allure 700 Mirrored Cabinet

Don’t forget our illuminated and anti-mist mirrors for ultimate opulence and convenience!


3. Luxury Bath and minimalist shower enclosure

Take full advantage of a big bathroom by installing both a bath and shower enclosure for total convenience. Whether you want a long soak in an indulgent bath or a fuss free shower to start the day, the choice is yours!

Shower enclosures by Merlyn


4. Walk through shower enclosure

An elaborate use of space, this cool design option creates a wonderful hotel feel to a big bathroom especially when positioned between double basins. As this style is only practical in extremely large rooms, a walk in shower can provide the same slick look without taking up as much space. Use floor tiles throughout instead of a shower tray to create a seamless flow and accentuate the room’s size.

Walk in showers by Utopia

See our extensive tile display at the Polegate showroom.


5. Extra large shower heads

An extravagant shower enclosure may be your preferred option and with some staggeringly impressive shower heads to choose from the simple shower quickly becomes a talking point.
How about this for the ultimate decadence, an illuminated multifunction showerhead which has remote controlled waterfall and rainfall settings as well as multiple colour glow options!

Crosswater FHX700C

If traditional styling is more to your taste then viewing the range of stunning oversized shower heads from Samuel Heath on display in the SPS showroom will be a must.

Traditional style, large shower head from Samuel Heath


6. Storage

It may sound a tad trite, but one of the most beneficial elements of a big bathroom is the ability to include storage for what can become a very cluttered room. The choice and quality of bathroom furniture is the best it’s ever been and a sizeable bathroom gives you the opportunity to include some super stylish units. Clever units provide smart yet stylish solutions for storing, toothbrushes, make up, bottles, towels, cleaning products and more!


7. Flooring – the final touch

Don’t forget, a big bathroom will easily accommodate big, bold tiles… be it size or design!
Growing in popularity, patterned and large format tiles are swiftly becoming the newest way to introduce style and personality to your bathroom.
Available in a variety of materials from ceramic to marble there is a tile to suit your style! Matt, gloss, satin, textured; the finishes, colours and patterns are vast and exquisite and a must have to complete any bathroom this season.
The superior Porcelanosa range are available from 90cm to 2m long to really make a statement.

Huge range of Porcelanosa floor tiles can be seen in our Polegate Showroom

As most towel rails will not heat a large bathroom adequately underfloor heating is a perfect solution and easy to install and operate.
Underfloor heating, specifically electric systems which are well suited to bathrooms with tiled floors.
For more inspiration visit the SPS showroom where your design consultant will go through a range of possibilities available and produce detailed CAD drawings of potential layouts.