Taking the stress out of your bathroom project

As one of the largest plumbers’ merchants in East Sussex, we understand the stress that can go hand in hand with house renovations.  A recent survey by The Mental Health […]

As one of the largest plumbers’ merchants in East Sussex, we understand the stress that can go hand in hand with house renovations.  A recent survey by The Mental Health Foundation found that almost three-quarters of adults (74%) were so stressed at some point over the past year that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. In this blog, we’ll show how working with us can help reduce your stress levels.

Below, we talk you through some of the top self-help solutions, these simple steps empower you to make your bathroom renovation project as stress-free as possible.

Understand your current home heating system

The heating system in our home can often be a mystery, however, the water pressure in your house can have a real impact on the products you choose.

Most homes are heated in one of three ways.

  1. Combination Boiler

If you have a combination boiler, you will have a boiler, but you won’t have a water tank in the loft or a cylinder in your airing cupboard. You won’t have a timer set for your hot water; it will simply be hot whenever you require it.

  1. Unvented Sealed System

With an unvented system, you won’t have a water tank in the loft, but you will have a pressurised cylinder elsewhere in the house to supply hot water on demand.

  1. Open Vent System
    With an open vent system, you will have a cold-water storage tank in the loft AND a foam lagged cylinder elsewhere in the house. Once you have used the reserve of hot water you will have to wait for more to be heated.

Be mindful of the system you have in your home and ensure you let your merchant know when discussing the products, you are interested in.

Understand what space you have

You can easily picture your bathroom; however, our sales team may struggle to visualise a space they haven’t seen. The simplest way around this is to draw a simple floorplan with measurements of each wall.

Ensure you make a note of where the windows and doors are, our sales team will be grateful to know and understand the space they are working with. It also helps our team to know which walls are outside walls, which are solid walls, and – if possible – which way the joists run under the floor.

Something which is often overlooked by customers, but which is incredibly useful to the design team, is knowing where the soil pipe is positioned. Checking this simple piece of information will make product selection much easier.

To help with this process, we have created a simple Bathroom Self Measurement Guide document that guides you through the process and even has gridded paper to help your draw out your bathroom floorplan.

Nail your must-haves

Some people come to us with a completely clean slate, but many know that there is a specific feature they must have in their new bathroom. So, whether you have fallen in love with the idea of a roll-top bath, a rainforest shower, or a particularly beautiful tile design that has stolen your heart, make sure you let our team know. Bring magazines, screenshots, and other inspiration pieces with you, they will be invaluable as we try to wow you with concepts and ideas.

The daily demands

It’s also helpful if we understand the demands on your bathroom. The same space can be designed completely differently depending upon who is using it, a mature couple will place completely different demands on their bathroom to that of a young family. If we can understand the demographics of your home, we can help to find a solution that can both work for you now, and will also stand the test of time.

By reading the above points and doing some initial planning prior to meeting with your SPS bathroom consultant, they can very quickly recommend products that suit your space and maximise your enjoyment of the finished room. Make SPS, the stress-free choice for your project! Contact our team today.


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