Top 6 Reasons To Buy From A Local Supplier

So you’ve decided to revamp your bathroom, the budget is in place and you’re now searching the web and pinning ideas to create the perfect space. Research is key and […]

So you’ve decided to revamp your bathroom, the budget is in place and you’re now searching the web and pinning ideas to create the perfect space.
Research is key and you’ll naturally be considering online suppliers but don’t get too seduced by glossy websites and bargain prices. “Why?” I hear you ask, well here we outline the benefits of buying from a local independent supplier:

1. Personal service… from a human!

You can’t replicate online the experience of discussing design and product options with a design consultant in an environment where you can see and touch the products you’ll be buying. As an important and costly project, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the best your budget will buy.
Browse actual bathroom suites, show your design consultant styles, colours, textures that you want to use in your space and be involved in the design from start to finish.

2. Choosing the right products

Getting the right product for your needs is essential, the last thing you want is to purchase a product that can’t be fitted and worse still can’t be returned. Your local supplier will be able to help you find the right products and associated products and fittings to make sure your bathroom has everything required.
They will also be able to suggest alternative products that you may not have considered, or even known about, that are more suitable or even more competitively priced for your needs.
More importantly you can see the quality for yourself, taking the risk out of purchasing from an unknown brand and removing the hassle of having to send any substandard items back – often a timely and stressful task.

3. After care service

Any questions or servicing issues that you may have following purchase and installation can easily be dealt with when using a local supplier. Instead of the faceless shopping basket you would have encountered when buying online, you will be able to return to speak to the actual design consultant from the ordering process.

4. Peace of mind for you and your installer

When buying from an online supplier, the responsibility for measurements and quality will be down to you. Any quality or installation issues are likely to be attributed to the quality of the product or the design of the space.
Eliminate this potential awkward scenario by purchasing from a trusted local merchant who supplies to trade as well as homeowners. Your installer may even already have a relationship with them!

5. Convenient delivery

Local companies are far more flexible in their delivery slots and if your plumber needs any extra fittings they’re going to be able to meet their needs far quicker than emailing an internet helpdesk.

6. Support local businesses

And finally, as if the above isn’t enough, you get a certain sense of satisfaction knowing that you have contributed to your local economy and kept your money in the local community!

At Sussex Plumbing Supplies, you’ll receive the finest service in the industry. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, designing it is our pleasure.

  • Showroom with 50+ displays plus extensive tile and designer radiator displays
  • Designs are carried out using the most up to date CAD 4D software giving you a true vision of how your finished space will look.
  • Exceptional advice and service from highly experienced and trained staff
  • Choose from a beautiful selection of high end products, not available online

Use the internet and do your research, but buy local for the best service.