Top 6 tips for creating your dream bathroom

We recently wrote this article for the Sussex Life website and wanted to share it here as well… Original Sussex Life Article So you’ve finally made the decision that it’s […]

We recently wrote this article for the Sussex Life website and wanted to share it here as well…
Original Sussex Life Article
So you’ve finally made the decision that it’s time to replace your bathroom. Maybe your existing suite is the colour of coral with a basin shaped like a seashell or you just want to treat yourself after that huge bonus! Whatever the reason, here are 6 top tips for creating your dream bathroom.

1. Design inspiration
There have never been more resources available for inspiration when it comes to designing your perfect bathroom. Gone are the days when you were limited to the odd brochure from your nearest bathroom stockist. Nowadays there are numerous TV programmes, glossy magazines, newspaper articles and of course the internet all dedicated to showcasing the latest design trends and must-haves.
In our experience, customers that spend time in the early stages of planning, collecting together image examples of bathroom styles and design features that they like, ultimately end up with a bathroom they absolutely love.

Our top tip is to create a scrapbook or mood board of images you like. This can be in the form of a physical book with magazine cuttings stuck in or an online version using Pinterest. For those unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is an online pin-boarding website and app that is fantastic for saving images you find online. There are also numerous boards dedicated to bathrooms already available to make your design journey all the more simple.
Sussex Plumbing Supplies has curated a number of boards to help you out, which showcase different styles that can be viewed using these links: Contemporary Bathrooms, Traditional Bathrooms, Taps & Accessories, Showers and Tiles & Wallcoverings.
2. Measuring
Bathroom sizes vary significantly depending on the property and it is important that the bathroom choices are suitable for the space they will fill. The good news is that whilst knowing the size of your bathroom matters, there are now such a wide range of products on the market that it means every size and shape can be catered for.
Our top tip is to measure your bathroom before shopping for suites. Knowing your dimensions at the beginning of the process prevents scenarios whereby you’ve chosen your dream suite, only to find it doesn’t fit when you go home to measure and you’re suddenly back to square one!
3. A budget makes your money go further
We often find customers either haven’t got a budget in mind or loathe to disclose this information. Deciding on your budget is an important step and helps the process of choosing your bathroom. We take pride in being able to offer the right solution for every need. We have products that are perfect for those on a tight budget that want to achieve a luxury look through to those that want to make a real statement and invest in the finest products on the market. Our top tip is to be open with your showroom assistant about your budget. They will be able to steer you in the direction of the products that meet with your cost requirements whilst still fulfilling the design brief.
4. Future proof your bathroom
Choosing a new bathroom is a big decision, not only from a financial stand point but also from a practical point of view.
Our top tip is to carefully consider the future when finalising your most important requirements. It is not something that is changed regularly, so seriously consider how your bathroom will be used over the next 5 years as a minimum.
For example, a wet room might seem like the best idea in the world right now, but if you’re planning to start a family in the near future then suddenly the prospect of toddlers running around on a slippery wet floor seems like an A&E visit waiting to happen!
5. Designer heating
Conventional towel rails are a thing of the past. Nowadays, the amazing ranges of designer radiators available resemble works of art.
Our top tip is to consider a radiator not as a functional requirement just for drying towels but as a piece of sculpture that will be a focal point within your bathroom.
6. Completing the look
The finishing touches are often the most important part of a bathroom. Tiles and wallcoverings are vital in creating the desired feel. For example, combine dark, indulgent marble tiles with an accented mosaic strip and suddenly your bathroom resembles a 5 Star London spa or perhaps you may wish to create a pristine white, minimalist enclosure for those quiet moments of Zen.
Our top tip is to really take your time picking the tiles and wallcoverings that give the overall look you decided upon in your earlier research. The finishing touches really do add the wow factor and will be the difference between you liking your new room and loving it!
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